About Cassia Cottage

  • Where is Cassia Cottage located on Phu Quoc?

    Please refer to our “Location” page. There is a map with the location of Cassia Cottage there.

  • Where can I find a resort map of Cassia Cottage?

    You can find a layout map of Cassia Cottage resort here.

  • Does Cassia Cottage have its own restaurant?

    Yes, we have a restaurant with Vietnamese and international food. Please refer to the “Restaurant” page.

  • Are there other restaurants nearby?

    Many restaurants are located within a walking distance or a few minutes away by taxi.

  • Are beach towels provided?

    Of course, fresh beach towels are provided in all our rooms.

  • What services are available from Cassia Cottage?

    Some local services such as motorbike rental, massage services, airport and harbor pick up/ drop off, tour advice, special meals, marriage proposals and theater tickets.

  • Is there any Internet access? Is there entertainment in the evenings?

    We have a library with free access to all in-house guests with a lot of books for adults and children in different languages, board games, chess tables in the garden and two computers with free Internet access. Wi-Fi is accessible on the whole property. In the evening, we show films on a big screen in the restaurant area.

  • Do you have honeymoon packages?

    Upon request, we can organize a honeymoon package with a special room that offers a lot of privacy, romantic dinner with complimentary champagne, massages, a private boat tour at sunset, breakfast in bed… everything you need for a memorable honeymoon.

  • What if I want to do a long stay?

    A discount will be offered for long stays (more than 7 nights).

  • Are babysitting services available?

    Yes, the baby sitting service is available. The front desk at the hotel can organize a babysitter whenever you need.

About the rooms

  • How large are the rooms?

    The Garden Cottages are from 23 to 28 sq.m.
    The Standard sea view rooms are 30 sq.m.
    The Large sea view rooms are 41 sq.m.
    The Beach houses, 82 sq.m., are composed of 2 rooms with 2 ensuite bathrooms and a living room.

  • What rooms offer the most privacy?

    All the Garden cottage rooms as all come with a private garden and a terrace.

  • What rooms are best for a family with children?

    Beach houses or large sea view rooms can accommodate families with 1-3 children. We also have Garden cottages with connecting doors.

  • What amenities are in the rooms?

    All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hot water, mini-bar, hair drier, mini-safe, a double queen size bed, Wi-Fi , mosquito nets, bathroom amenities, tea set, hot kettle. A baby cot is available on request. Electric plugs are two prongs. Three prongs are available upon request

  • Do all rooms have a double and single bed or one or the other?

    All the rooms are set with one double queen size bed.

  • Can I book a room with twin beds?

    We can add one additional single bed (size 1 m x 2 m) in many rooms. If you need separate beds, just mention it in your reservation;there is no extra charge.

  • Is there a TV in the rooms?

    Cassia Cottage is a TV-free zone. We have a large selection of movies that we show at night on a big screen.

About Phu Quoc

  • Do I need to take medicine for malaria prevention?

    No, malaria is only found in jungle areas.

  • What sites are available to see? Are there any tours I can take?

    You may find some suggestions on our ”Activities” page.

  • What is the weather like in the rainy season?

    From December to April it rarely rains. Temperatures are 25-38 degrees.
    April-May and October-November, there are quick heavy rains, often at night with temperatures from 25-35 degrees.
    From June–end of September, there can be monsoons. It can rain steadily with a wind of 20-30 km/h. The ocean will be rough for swimming, but you can splash in the surf. Great opportunity to enjoy our two swimming pools.
    The rainy season temperature is steady from 26-30 degrees. It’s lovely, green, and very wet.

  • Is it safe to swim in the sea?

    Yes, but depending on the season, there are can be some jellyfish. We have a jellyfish net on our privatebeach. The sandy beach slopes gently. There are no strong offshore currents, and no dangerous fish.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us !

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